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    We specialize in INAUTHENTIC, INFRINGEMENT, COUNTERFEIT, REVIEW MANIPULATION, FORGED INVOICE, and SELLER CODE OF CONDUCT suspensions. We also specialize in “FINAL DECISION” cases. These are the most difficult types of suspensions to reinstate.

    These appeals are highly specific to each account, and we spend significant time with each seller to address all relevant issues. Simply creating an appeal which does not properly address the problem, will most likely not result in reinstatement.

    There are many types of different Amazon suspensions and Amazon account reviews. It is very important to understand each Amazon suspension type, to know exactly what sort of appeal is needed to achieve reinstatement. We are experts in every type of suspension including INAUTHENTIC, INFRINGEMENT, SELLER CODE OF CONDUCT, SAFETY, REVIEW MANIPULATION, USED SOLD AS NEW, HIGH ODR, LISTING AGAINST INCORRECT DETAIL PAGES, NOT AS ADVERTISED/WRONG, COUNTERFEIT, VARIATIONS, LATE SHIPMENT RATE, BRAND REMOVALS, and other types of Amazon seller account suspensions.

    Valuable income is lost while a seller account is suspended. We understand that your Amazon account needs special attention. We will provide you with the dedicated support you require.

    We understand that an Amazon account is usually the sole source of income for a seller. We focus on providing the best service so your employees and family can breathe easy. You need the expertise of a REAL professional to get a positive result for your account.


    We help HUNDREDS of Amazon sellers achieve account reinstatement annually. We are proud to say, that we helped over 1900 sellers achieve reinstatement last year alone. We are determined to beat our number from last year, and we are already on a path to do so!

    Once an account is suspended, the clock starts ticking. It is important to hire a professional as soon as possible to start the process. When you submit an appeal which does not contain the correct information for your case, it will damage your account, and subsequently DELAY your process. Don’t worry though, if you have submitted appeals which have been denied, we can still assist with your case. We specialize in the MOST difficult suspensions.

    Significant income is lost DAILY while your account is suspended. We are extremely mindful of the fact that you need to pay your bills and employees. This is an URGENT matter, and we want to help you resolve it as quickly as possible. We have the right tools to deliver the most effective plan.

    We understand that you have a business to operate, and we want to get your account reinstated. You have a lot at stake; let us help you get your Amazon account back fast!

    Once we see your case details, we will get you a quote within 30 minutes. Don’t waste another minute losing precious income! Contact us today so we can take a look at your case, and begin the process to get your account back.


    Unlike other competitors, our company has an extensive history with Amazon. When the Amazon marketplace was first being established in 1999, the marketplace was looking for sellers. One of the first Amazon marketplace managers flew out to California, and personally invited our company to sell on Amazon. Our company was invited to sell on Amazon based on the reputation of our company’s successful EBay marketplace, and popular video gaming website. We were one of the FIRST Amazon SELLERS!

    We’ve been dealing with Amazon since its inception. When we started on Amazon, the Seller Performance department didn’t even exist! Once the marketplace began expanding, and the number of sellers grew into the millions, Amazon began reviewing and suspending sellers.

    Our company has dealt with every type of suspension, starting with the first types presented by Seller Performance. We were always able to get our account reinstated, and continue operating our account successfully.

    We see ourselves as pioneers. Our company was the FIRST US based seller to operate on Amazon Japan, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France. We understand international marketplaces, and we work with ALL Amazon country suspensions.

    We were the ONLY US based sellers to attend the Amazon Japan Seller Conference in 2008 in Tokyo.

    In true pioneer fashion, we decided to put our insight, experience, know-how, and knowledge into a new venture in 2014. We were the FIRST reinstatement consulting company on the market, and we have helped thousands of sellers with reinstatement.


    We have over 19 years of experience dealing with all types of cases and situations. Amazon culture is unique, and we understand how it works. It is important to understand the evolution of Amazon, and how their policies have progressed, to truly understand what they want to see in their appeals.

    We are not simply “guessing” what is required to be successful, we are applying our proprietary methods to your case. We have built our knowledge and understanding through many years of appeal submissions which ALWAYS resulted in reinstatement for our seller account.

    Amazon has consistently evolved and grown since its establishment, and it continues to progress on a regular basis. We have seen all the changes and truly understand how the company operates. We are familiar with every policy, and can provide keen insight on how to make sure that your account follows all Amazon TOS.

    Basic knowledge of Amazon policy will not result in reinstatement; in depth understanding is required to be successful with reinstatement. ONLY the knowledge of Amazon operations will ultimately result in your reinstatement. We create the correct business plan that allows you to function successfully within Amazon TOS.

    We will connect you with Amazon management so they can review your appeal if Seller Performance has rejected your plan.

    We have helped thousands of sellers get their accounts back! We use our extensive knowledge and experience to assist sellers with the reinstatement process.

    We have the insight that you need to get your account reinstated.


    Each Amazon Suspension is different and it requires personalized treatment.

    MANY sellers come to us after they have submitted plans from competitors that resulted in a “final decision” from Seller Performance. Once a “final decision” is received, it is a lot harder to reinstate your account. We specialize in “final decision” suspensions! We are not “writers”, we know what type of business plan is most effective for EVERY type of suspension. We use our extensive knowledge of Amazon to provide a specialized and effective plan for every case. We do not have to guess what Amazon wants; we know from our many years of experience.

    Amazon looks for a very distinctive format with each appeal, and each situation is different. Your appeal will be catered to your case.

    Each appeal is TAILORED specifically for your case. We analyze all of your notices, metrics, and account details in order to create the BEST appeal for your particular account situation. We NEVER use templates for any appeals; you will get a personalized appeal.

    Even though Amazon does not always inform sellers, Amazon is constantly changing and updating its policies. It is important to create an Amazon appeal plan that is based on the most current Amazon TOS.


    Sellercare Partners with Joseph Sirosh (FIRST Vice President of Transaction Risk for, Tokyo 2008. Joseph Sirosh built and led the Transaction Risk group which later turned into “Seller Performance”.

    Sellercare Partners with Sebastian Gunningham (Senior VP of seller services at Amazon.Com) and Jasper Cheung (President of Amazon Japan), Tokyo 2008.


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